Sports Theme Catering

Sports Theme Catering

Campagnia Bistro is one of the top caterers for Fresno State suites and tailgates, and you can order our award winning line up for any event. All items must be ordered 3 days prior to event date.


Antipasto Platter $60
with cured meats, fresh & marinated vegetables & fresh

Crispy Garlic Chicken Wings $35 per dozen
with house made blue cheese dressing & Latin inspired spicy dipping sauce

Sliders $50 per dozen
Angus burger patty with peppered bacon, cheddar & caramelized onion

Goat Cheese $45
in extra virgin olive oil, roasted garlic cloves & rosemary flat bread

Garlic Crostini $40
with three spreads of garlic hummus, roasted sweet pepper-sundried tomato olive tapenade & pesto cream cheese

Salads (serves 10-12 people)

Mixed Greens $30
with cucumber, grape tomatoes, Japanese crackers, & orange-miso vinaigrette
with grilled chicken $60

Caesar Salad $35
of whole leaf romaine lettuce, garlic croutons & grated asiago cheese
with grilled chicken $65

Grilled Chinese Chicken Salad $65
with peanuts, crisp wonton strips & spicy black bean soy vinaigrette

Butter Leaf Lettuce Salad $45
with seasonal tree fruit, strawberries, candied pecans, blue cheese & poppy seed dressing

(serves 10 people)

Potato Skins $30
Pesto Potatoes $25
Pasta Salad $40
Fruit Salad $40
Ranch Dressing $7
BBQ Sauce $7

Flatware & Plates $9.95 (up to 50 people)
Initial Chafing Rack Set-up $10

(serves 10-12 people)

Sandwich Platter $60
Consisting of 3Chicken Wraps, 3 House Roasted Turkey Clubs & 3 Pastrami sandwiches all cut in half
All Chicken Wraps $65

Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs $50 per dozen
Includes rolls, condiment packages, hotdogs heated & ready to serve.

Chicken Tenders $50
Fifteen breaded & deep fried chicken tenders, heated & ready to serve.

Grilled Chicken Piccatta $75
with a lemon caper cream sauce

Grilled Chicken Marsala $75
with light mushroom sauce

Tony’s Rigatoni $65
With pancetta, basil, & red onion tossed in a Neapolitan style tomato sauce garnished with fresh mozzarella & parmesan

Smoked Chicken Rigatoni Pasta $65
with portabella mushroom & snow peas in a sherry cream sauce

Braised Boneless Short Ribs $85
with chipotle aioli

A $50 delivery fee will apply to all deliveries.

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